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Judy Mandeville

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Movement is the language of my heart, and has been the body of my professional work for four decades. It is my joy to educate and facilitate creative exploration into the world of movement—and the world of difference that can make. The body is a storehouse of information. When we integrate all of who we are into our various areas of need, new discoveries unfold. Movement matters!

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Movement unlocks treasure chests of information, emotions and a sense of well-being! I enjoy working with individuals, groups and communities through direct instruction, workshop facilitation, teaching and more! Don't see something here that fits? Contact me. Let's put our heads together and design a plan that fits your specific needs.

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For the past 7 years I have had the privilege of supervising Judy Mandeville in her profound work as a Therapeutic Movement Specialist/Dancer in Residence with pediatric patients and their families at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital... Judy has the uncanny ability to walk into a hospital room and immediately establish rapport, evaluate needs, and create a personalized plan of action... It is not an understatement to call Judy “magic” (as people often do). To come into contact with Judy is to be forever changed.

Ann Walker, MA, LMHC, ATR

Arts in Healing Program Director,
Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital


Combining physical embodiment with mental and emotional presence, Judy facilitates workshops and classes that not only expand minds, but unlock hearts. As an instructor at Gonzaga University, I’m a witness to the kind of energy and power that Judy brings to a group. Through physical activities rooted in the arts, she creates safety while also inspiring courage; she supports her students' needs, while also challenging them to step outside of their comfort zone. Her gentle nature creates ease and peace, and allows for transformative experiences unlike what I have seen in most classrooms. You will not be disappointed by your time with Judy; indeed, you will be moved.

Rachelle Strawther, M.A.

Director, Leadership Training and Development
School of Leadership Studies

Gonzaga University

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Judy Mandeville is a special lady with a tremendous gift for engaging individuals with physical/mental/intellectual disabilities. Judy has been in the rotation as a featured guest for many years. Her ability to get our clients up and moving/dancing enhances their understanding and deepens the experience for all involved; it is a joy to observe! Beyond her obvious talent in communicating while utilizing movement/dance, even more impressive is her ability to make individual connections. Because of those relationships she is able to connect with individual clients in a way that leaves no doubt that she is listening and that she cares very deeply about their growth, sense of belonging and value.

Bill Reynolds

Board Secretary,

Project id,


I have brought Judy into my Gospel and Growth class every year for 12 years because I am convinced that experiential learning changes people more than simply lecturing. Judy’s relational style and ability to share the deep truths of the faith through movement is captivating.  We titled her class "Physicality and Spiritual Formation” and it is by far one of my students' favorite classes. For two hours Judy explains how dance and movement are innately tied to our Christian faith throughout history. Every year she does this class students are deeply touched – there are tears – there is laughter – there is movement - and the students journal about how deeply they sensed the spirit moving during our time together.

Kent McDonald, D.Min

Whitworth University Lecturer of Practical Theology
Regional Trainer for Young Life


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