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What changes if

 we integrate 
movement into...


Movement describes events, poetry and stories in visceral terms. When we physically recount our narratives, we move into a deeper understanding of context and meaning. New layers of impact and details are revealed, and the storyteller’s experience is more complete and relevant.


The kinesthetic channel is the memory's second most powerful conduit. Studies indicate that we remember 40% of what we hear; 60% of what we see and hear; 90% of what we DO. Concrete and abstract concepts are reinforced and come alive when we move them.   


Adding movement to any workshop or seminar unleashes the right brain. Creativity flourishes. Movement can significantly enhance leadership development, reconciliation and team building programs. In this texting and social media driven culture, we are losing vital relational skills of interACTION. Movement helps foster a sense of community while providing creative approaches to problem solving and communication. 


Moving past a "neck up" theology of worship allows all of who we are to express our faith, praise and prayers. When our thoughts connects to a movement, it becomes a gesture. When our FAITH connects to a movement, it becomes a prayer.

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