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Judy Mandeville

B.A. Modern Dance

M.A. Special Education

I learned from the best. My mother was one of the first Special Educators in the country, and my dance mentor was the legendary pioneer of Sacred Dance. I work with folks of all ages, encouraging them to better understand, cope and grow as they fuse movement into their educational, developmental, spiritual and professional journeys. 

I have integrated movement with communication and healing for various demographics with varying emphasis and abilities. I taught dance courses at Whitworth and Gonzaga University and  courses utilizing the arts to better equip developmentally disabled adult students at Spokane Community College. As a therapeutic movement specialist, I work in the pediatric and the psych units at Sacred Heart Medical Center. I have facilitated movement exercises that promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being as far as Malaysia, Kenya, Lithuania and Norway.

My heart and my training propel me to Move, Learn and Grow... and invite others to do the same. 

Jeannette Yaklich

Before kids with disabilities were allowed in the public schools, Mom would travel to their homes (called homebound education), and teach the academic basics. When the children were finally permitted into the public schools, “they” had their own entrances and separate recesses. Mom fiercely advocated for inclusive activities for the entire school population. My deep respect for the disabled and marginalized populations were born and nourished  under my mother’s care and remarkable example. 

Dr. Margaret Taylor Doane

Margaret is widely considered the foremost pioneer of Sacred Dance within the Christian faith. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, she brought movement back to the lay people, after hundreds of years of dance oppression in the church. She was dancing under Mary Wigman’s tutelage in Germany during the social unrest of the 30’s, where Margaret cultivated her passionate involvement for social justice.  Margaret authored the sacred dance definitive text, "A Time to Dance" and several other books integrating movement with faith for all ages. For 10 years, I gleaned from her wisdom, techniques and philosophy of dance.

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